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of Karate I

physical analysis of a central punch to the chest

Karate in a modern viewpoint.
An analysis of traditional Karate technique in the field of mathematics an mechanics used on a topic in sports science in a biological system – the human.

ISBN: 978-3-9824544-0-5
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of Karate II

a general approach on rotational movement and metabolite temporal propagation

The goal of this paper will be to derive a general assumption for rotational movement, which can be considered a solution to modulate any technique of Yamada-ha Shito-ryu Shukokai Karate, to some degree of preciseness. This is to build up a framework on which an interactive model can be programmed in order to successfully simulate certain parts of movement and run an optimization analysis.

ISBN: 978-3-9824544-1-2
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a physical approach on how temporal perception changes with metabolic activity


This paper is concerned with developing a
physical description of experienced temporal
changes, regarding duration and flow of time. In
order to develop empirical equations, neuro-biological basics as well as basic
electrodynamics are applied onto the special
Theory of Relativity in order to find a successful
measurable parameter. Those parameters later
are simulated by using synthetic EEG data and
rough estimates of neurological diffusion
tensors. This paper stands as a summary of
basic ideas which will have to be proven in
further clinical studies, with real patient data.

ISBN: 978-3-9824544-3-6
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